Friday, April 20, 2012

FamilyTree DNA Sale Today and Tomorrow

National DNA Day (April 20, 2012)
Today is National DNA Day, and in honor of this FamilyTreeDNA is having a sale on all its new testing kits, and many of their upgrade kits. If you've been holding of getting started with genetic genealogy, or on getting an upgrade on one of your tests, this is your chance to do it a little cheaper. To find out more about how to get started, see my discussion of the topic in an earlier post titled Thinking about trying genetic genealogy?. I also wrote a much more detailed description of Y-DNA (patrilineal) and mtDNA (matrilineal) in my post Using DNA for Genealogy: Y-DNA and mtDNA. For those of you hoping there would be a discount on the Y-DNA 111 test, or the upgrade to it, unfortunately it does not seem to be discounted. No coupons are needed, all the prices are automatically discounted until the end of the day tomorrow.

Discounts in the current sale:

New Kits
Current Group PriceSALE PRICE
Y-DNA 12$99$59
Y-DNA 37$149$129
Y-DNA 67$238$199
Family Finder$289$199
mtFullSequence (FMS)$299$249
Y-DNA 12 + mtDNA$179$118
FF + Y-DNA 12$339$258
FF + mtDNA$339$258
FF+ Y-DNA 37$438$328
FF + mtDNAPlus$438$328
Comprehensive (FF + FMS + Y-DNA 67)$797$657
Y-DNA 12$89$59
mtDNA add-on$89$59
Y-DNA 12-37 Marker$99$69
Y-DNA 37-67 Marker$99$79
Y-DNA 12-67 Marker$199$148
mtFullSequence upgrade (HVR1 to Mega)$269$199
mtFullSequence upgrade (HVR2 to Mega)$269$199
mtFullSequence add-on$289$219
Family Finder add-on$289$199

So check out the sale and get started.